TIME – How Do You Spend It?

“I don’t have time to eat, I don’t have time to breathe, I don’t have time to sleep!” These are statements I hear quite often in my wellness coaching. What else is there but to eat and breathe and sleep! It’s like watching people live at the pace of a silent movie, you know, where it’s sped up and everyone is racing around?

My friends often ask me, how do you do it all, Margaret? Well, I am a bit busy, being a single mom, a wonderful girlfriend, a wellnesss coach and FLT lifestyle coach, (www.connectingwithwellness.com), a Supplement Specialist at the Northshore University Wellness Shoppe, have a virtual franchise (margaretpsharesjuiceplus.com), blogging, enjoying cooking (or uncooking when I eat raw), oh, yeh, laundry, cleaning house, lots of yoga and walking……but, really, there are 24 hours in each day! That’s a lot! How are you spending YOUR 24 hours.
Time –
I was inspired by a video by Joelle Lydon called How to Take Back Your Time. Joelle talks out the 24 hours we have each day, 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours for your work, and then the 8 hours left over. OK, so about 4 of those she says are used for driving around the kids, laundry, housework, shopping for and preparing food, but then there’s 4 more hours. let’s say 2 hours…..these are all ours!! What do you want to do with all these hours? Enjoy a book, call your friends, decorate the house, pursue a new career, take a bath (a two hour bath!)? Certainly, we are far from perfect, so many times time flies by and we could have used it more wisely, but it’s a work in progress! What are YOU going to do with these hours?

We don’t seem to be a generation that wants to stop and sit it out. Retirement does not even sound appealing to me! There is so much I am fascinated with, perhaps pursuing more education, another degree, travel, fill my mind with new endeavors, explore new restaurants. Kick up another storm of inspiration by sharing the movie Genetic Roulette (www.geneticroulettmovie.com) I love wellness coaching and working with people on adding helpful lifestyle and dietary practices. I have this yearning to continue my education, and since there seems to be longevity all around, I’m planning on another 50 years! That’s a lot of time!! I want to show off and learn French at 90, be the oldest kid in class! So, there’s where I am aiming my extra two hours a day (14 hours a week).

What do YOU want to do with those twp hours a day? Please share here and let’s inspire one another! Let’s not fall into the lure of sitting in front of the tv for so many of those hours…how do you invest in your precious time?

“We live in deeds, not years, in thoughts, not breaths, in feelings, not figures on a dial. We should count time by heart throbs.” Aristotle

Also, in those 2 hours sometime today, can you find 6 minutes to take a look at this video by Joelle Lydon called How to Take Back Your Time?


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