The Beautiful Harvest Moon

Autumn is here with crisp beautiful days and cool nights. It’s a time for harvest for the farmers, a time of harvest for us internally. Time to draw inward and take more rest, take inventory of what we harvested, and a time for gratitude. Reflect on all you received and experienced in this past year.

I was invited to a harvest moon gathering at a dear friend’s home last evening. I wondered who would be there, who would gather to celebrate the harvest moon? When people lived in nature, the moon cycles were very significant to planting and harvesting crops, the ebb and flow of the tides, even the menstrual cycle. This is still true, but in busy times, do we stop to appreciate how the waxing and waning of the moon, and the cycles of the moon still affect us?

We gathered in a cozy corner of the yard surrounded by bushes. Many of us were strangers, but of course, fast friends once we started sharing who we were. Moms, yoga teachers, wellness coaches, angel card readers, all of us sharing some special evening rituals. Our lovely hostess reminded us that the harvest moon was a special one for farmers as it rose only 30 minutes after sundown, allowing them more time in the field.

We wrote down things we want to let go of and wishes we want to manifest. Perhaps someone let go of excess worry, and wished to bring more peace into their lives. Some hoped for more abundance, some for patience. Then standing around the bright fire we read salutations to all directions, North South, East and West as we dropped the papers into the fire. It was refreshing to see these papers ignite, symbolizing some changes we are hoping to make. Simple practice, big intentions. When we finished our ritual, the moon came out from behind the cloudy night, and of course, we howled! AWHOOOOOO!

It never ceases to amaze me, this special power of women gathering together, even for an hour. Sharing time and space with women is empowering and uplifting! In today’s busy world, we lose sight of our ancestors who gathered more often to support one another, share stories of joy and struggle. So, at this time of the harvest moon, let’s be grateful for all the lovely supportive women in our lives and reach out and give them a howl!:)

If you would care to join us next month, let me know, we’d love to have you!

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