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Margaret Plouff, FirstLine Therapy® Practioner

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FirstLine Therapy® is a comprehensive, therapeutic lifestyle-change program providing individuals with the necessary knowledge to make healthy lifestyle choices. These new choices can help all of us prevent illness as well as manage or reverse chronic illness and improve overall health and well-being.

Two out of three doctor visits are due to symptoms related to stress. FirstLine Therapy® can help you manage stress as well as guide you to improved nutrition, weight management and overall well-being.

Practitioners certified in FirstLine Therapy® receive in-depth training focused on helping people develop healthy, life-long habits that they can easily incorporate into their busy schedules.

First Line Therapy®

Visit to learn more about how working with me will connect you with multiple options for improving your health and meeting your wellness goals. I look forward to working with you as you take your next step toward wellness!


Course Enrollment Now Open!
Margaret teaches weight loss and lifestyle class at Walsh Natural in Evanston ( Group classes Saturday mornings and private sessions available. Please contact Margaret at (847) 212-0378 to schedule your participation!

Get Vibrant. Attain Vitality. Expect to feel healthy at any age. Learn simple secrets to obtaining and maintaning energy and vibrance. Unleash and claim your energy! Your body releases its beautiful fuel for you to use and make you feel alive and very well.

Look Great. Feel Great. From the inside out. Your overall health really does show on your skin! Learn how to take care of your interal health. Discuss face and body care products and learn to be an ingredient detective.

Diet and Supplement Encouragement Develop a customized supplemental plan to suit your needs.

Get Well. Stay Well. Lifestyle Suggestions. Improved health is a jouorney. Talk about ways to infuse healthy habits that fit your schedule.

Self Care you can Stick with! Develop a plan you can work with each day to reach optimal health and well-being.

Let’s talk it through and create a simple plan designed especially for you and your lifestyle. We will create a manageable plan with nutritional and supplementation suggestions and simple new practices to add to your everyday well being. Imagine feeling refreshed and renewed and more energetic than ever!

I am a big advocate of eating fruits and vegetables for good health. It is recommended to have 7-13 fruits and vegetables per day. If you find that difficult to do, please check out My family and I love Juice Plus for immune boosting, energy and much more as proven by their 26 gold standard studies. Juice Plus fruits and vegetables in capsules or chewables delivered right to your door. Kids are free when an adult takes Juice Plus. It’s a true gift of health.

Finding it hard to get out and shop for fresh organic fruits and vegetables? Check out for local delivery. Receive a beautiful box of seasonal fruits and vegetables at your doorstep every Saturday or every other Saturday. It’s a present of health each week.

I look forward to our conversation

Call me at (847) 212-0378 or email to arrange your Initial 1/2 Hour FREE CONSULTATION!

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