Oh, You’re Getting On My Nerves, all 45 Miles of Them!

It’s just amazing that our body has 45 miles of nerves. Messages are forwarded along nerves as electronic impulses at the speed of 248 miles per hour!

 There are so many ways to protect your nervous system, it’s just a matter of choice. If you’re like me, you might be sensitive to lots of noise, whether it be loud music, tons of chatter in a crowded place, traffic, etc. I like to balance this out with a walk in nature, the woods, the beach, even a stroll around the block. Nature is such a quiet healer! The negative ions that are present in nature are extreme relaxers.

Overbooking our precious time can get on our last nerve. It’s fun to be busy, but we have a lot going on with work at the office, home office, or being Chief Executive of the our homes and famlies! So if we add additional activities into our days, either be joyful about it, or if it’s too much, just say no. Saying yes out of obligation or resentment just adds pressure to our nerves.

 There are some great natural remedies to check out. Bach’s Rescue Remedy is an amazing 5 flower essence that brings calmness without sleepiness. Rescue Remedy is safe for children as well. It’s also great for pets that get nervous on the 4th of July or a visit to the vet. 

 Please share some of the ways you protect your nerves! Let’s inspire each other.

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