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Margaret is unique because she really listens to each person and has a way of seeing beyond the surface—seeing what is underneath, and then offers help and nutrition advice to support the whole person. Margaret is respectful to peoples’ individual beliefs and backgrounds, and does not push anything aggressively, but rather, teaches people to open their minds to new therapies. Her gift is in teaching people in a gentle way what they could do in their own lives to change their health in small steps. She has helped me understand the complex world of vitamins and supplements, and how they can help me to feel better everyday.
— JoAnne D.

Margaret is an intelligent, insightful, kind soul who has many spiritual gifts to share with others. Margaret has gone through a lot of growth, dealt with many challenging personal experiences and always beams a beautiful smile coming from inside and/or out. I recommend her services to anyone who desires a caring touch who is seeking counsel for their personal needs.
— Ronna Z.

Thanks so very much to Margaret for her encourgement and all-embracing support of my journey toward toward the health and utter vitality that she demonstrates every day. To be not only a beacon, but someone caring and knowledgable enough to help you REACH it is a rare thing – a teacher in the oldest, “sensai” tradition!
— Karen S.

Margaret Plouff inspires people to be in command of their own health and gently assists them in their life journey through her wisdom and sincerity. Her compassion and concern for all living beings and our planet are some of the many reasons why it is a privilege to learn from her and to also call her a friend.
— Debby R.