Focused Wisdom Services

Hi, I’m Margaret Plouff, and I created Focused Wisdom for Modern Health as a philosophy and a daily practice. My clients benefit from health and lifestyle consultations, as nutritional and supplement choices are integrated. 

A Personal Path

Today I am experiencing incredible health and vibrancy; and would love to share that inspiration with you. I crave vibrant health as I move into the second act of my life. My road to great health has been a long one, beginning with childhood illnesses. When I was 2 1/2 years old, I was diagnosed with Viral Encephalitis and doctors told my Mom I wouldn’t make it out of my coma. As I emerged from the coma, surprisingly I have memories of looking out the window at Children’s Memorial Hospital; and hearing the Church bells at Christmas time.  I could see the doctor’s long hair (it was the 60′s after all); and I told him he needed a haircut. Everybody laughed. And he honored my precocious request; and got his hair cut. At age 5, a tragic family experience occurred that deeply affected my physical and emotional health.

Looking back now, I know these experience created my strong will for good health. Following the coma, I had to gain back all my speech abilities and coordination. Over the next six months I did just that. Over the years, when classmates got colds and flus, mine would knock me out of school for weeks at a time. At age nine, an accident caused me to undergo a series of surgeries and dental infections. Then, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease at 15. Scarlet Fever and rheumatoid arthrities followed in my 20′s. An argument can me made that all these issues were interrelated. After all, it was my growing body, throughout the  entire time.

I have always held onto the joys of life. Fighting illness takes a lot of energy. That’s why I am constantly reading, learning, and talking with healthcare practitioners to tilt the balance of healthy, joyous living in my favor. As an adult, I owned a healthfood store, and have become a supplement specialist at the Integrated Medicine Center of the North Shore University Health Systems. I remain fascinated by the role of nutrition in our lives. Personally, I have become a vegetarian, though I respect a variety of healthy balanced diets for different people.

At age 50 I AM Self Care.

I know that every day counts because we all need encouragement. As a health influencer, I even have my own health coach, who helps me focus on diet, exercise and attitude.

If you decide to work with me as your personal coach, we will focus on your health and lifestyle needs. My wish for you is optimal health at each and every age! When setbacks occur, we don’t let that define us. Instead, we utilize focused wisdom for modern health.

Ready to start? Join me now…