Love, God and the Art of French Cooking

“Imagine meeting a French chef who is much more than he seems. In this true, story, James Twyman enters the mystical world of Roger (pronounced: Rowshay) Dufau, the owner of a bed and breakfast outside Toronto, who dishes out lessons on love and God just as easily as he does the most delicious cuisine. As Roger explained on one memorable day, “a great dish brings us to the point of utter silence, as if there is nothing else happening in the world. It carries us to the present moment like few other things can, and when we’re in the present moment, then we are connecting with our soul..with our spirit….”

Well, I imagined, read the book, dreamed about going to the small town of Elora, Ontario and then went on the actual adventure! In Love, God and the Art of French Cooking, the conversations between James and Roger and his wife Kathleen inspired me to call and make the reservation this summer. Part of the whole picture of health for me is also following through on my dreams. Being inspired by something, anything, and then following through brings great joy, therefore a boost to my health! Maybe if we just open our eyes and remain present, experiences start to unfold before us. This would mean putting all the excuses and “shoulds” and “should nots” aside and do our internal work to realize our dreams.

Reed and I traveled to Elora’s Drew House and had the great pleasure of talking with Roger and Kathleen on the third evening of our stay for a couple of hours. When I told Roger I was so inspired by the book, that we drove from Chicago to visit, this smiley and kind- hearted man pulled out a chair to sit with us and the wished-for conversations began! Roger told us about his childhood in the Basque Region of France where they cooked very simply and of course, ate totally organic meat, vegetables, and everything fresh from the farm.

In the 1950’s when he was a boy, the kids played on the beach and enjoyed fresh air and beautiful homemade meals. One Saturday, this company called Coca-Cola came to the beach and put up a big display with bright signs. Try Coca-Cola! All the kids were anticipating tasting this foreign drink from America that fizzed. The kids tried it and “blah!” all but a couple threw up! Roger never had it again. Of course, this brown “crap” he said, made them all so sick because they were used to eating so clean.

Roger says that when you want something in your life, it’s easy, just give it away. As for health, he says, eat clean, fresh organic vegetables and fruits and meat as well. He explained if you really knew the details of how the factory farms treat the animals you would never eat non-organic meat again. Follow what your body needs to be well, but be mindful of how you nourish it, he adds.

Contemplating my whole adventure, from reading the book, to thinking about visiting Drew House, to actually putting the trip in place and going, I feel I have accomplished another part of my journey, my wish for travel and more adventures! When you put your mind and heart to something and work on nourishing yourself through clean food and visits to nature, proper rest, and bringing joy to your work, and whatever else brings you joy, it’s amazing how things fall into place.

This is my healthy life at 50!

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